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My name is Brandon Haskell and I am running to be commissioner in Eaton County's 4th Commission District. I am a happily married father of two and an involved member of our community.

For over a decade I have worked hard to make our county and our state a better place to live for everyone. I started out as a page in the Michigan House of Representatives and worked my way up. I helped stop unethical foreclosures, fought for VA benefits owed to local vets, helped small businesses recover taxes that they over charged, and so much more.

As a project manager for a Detroit manufacturer, my job is to organize, plan, and execute prototype tests. I am trusted to present our company on a global stage and bring in business and jobs from overseas.

I will put my unique experience to work for Eaton County. As your commissioner I will seek bipartisan solutions to the tax policies that have robbed our communities of resources and use my private and public sector knowledge to bring Eaton into the future. Here are just a few quick bullet points for this elections top items. If you would like to know more. Please email me. 


Problem 1 - Eaton County Budget: Our county has outstanding financial obligations that keep us from providing proper services to the Public. Look no further than the Eaton County deputies that were laid off due to funding. Compounding this issue is inadequate revenue sharing from the state. Eaton has cut the budget to the bone and the longer we wait to settle these obligations the harder it will be to pay off. 

Action 1 - I will join with many other commissioners from around the state in calling for adequate revenue sharing. One thing I do have that traditional commissioners do not is an intimate knowledge of the legislative process that I will use to push for an actual bill. In the meantime, Eaton County should seek the help of a non-partisan financial consultant with experience in settling similar cases. 

Problem 2 - Transparency and Accessibility: Let's be honest, most of us do not pay attention to local politics. The truth is, we should as it impacts our everyday lives. We deserve to know what happens to our property taxes when they are sent to Charlotte. As a whole, our state ranks last in mandatory transparency rules and laws.  This district deserves a commissioner who will educate and serve the constituents. 

Action 2 - A promise I have made to the constituents of the 4th commission district is to host 1-2 community updates a year. I envision having other offices participate at the event so the folks of Delta will not only learn what the commissioners are doing for them, but what the other elected officials are doing as well. Another example, Eaton County passed a road millage in 2014 that promises to fix all county roads before the end of 2026. However, most people have no idea if or when the county road commission will be addressing their street. These meetings are not mandated by law, but something I feel is necessary to properly represent you. 

Problem 3 - Green Energy : Michigan is THE Great Lake state. Protecting our water and environment is not only the right moral thing to do, but it benefits us financially as well. Our county has been targeted for one of the states largest solar installations. The site proposed is in Oneida Twp. and would be developed on roughly 600 acres of farm land. It is important to note that it is also near existing electrical infrastructure. 

Clean Water: Our current commissioners have rolled back a rule that was over a decade old that made it impossible to sell or transfer a home whose septic system might be diverting human waste into our natural waters. 

Action 3 - Green Energy: It is my opinion that Eaton County should have 1 well defined zoning ordinance that affects the entire county. The question is, should farm land be allowed to developed in to solar or wind farms. I believe it should. As commissioner I would seek policy and ordinances that fairly compensated land owners, protect neighbors from legitimate cosmetic complains, and address impacts and existing infrastructure. 

Clean Water: Simply put, I am against anything that could lead to human waste entering rivers, streams, and drinking water. I am willing to negotiate a new rule and find ways to alleviate burdens on homeowners with failing septic fields, but some protections are necessary for community health. 

Again, there are many more issues and I encourage you to reach out to me with any questions. These solutions are all possible and something we can accomplish together! Check the links below for ways to help!

In Solidarity,

Brandon Haskell

Candidate for the 4th

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